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JEDA Environmental Services provides structural demolition, site work, complete environmental services, rigging & dismantling and other services.

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We are focused on providing cost effective & professional environmental solutions & services.

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Like anything, over time the tanks can start to rust and deteriorate. It is very important to remove tanks in order to preserve the soil of your property or business site. Did you know, underground tanks can devalue your property? JEDA can remove these tanks to maintain the value of your site.

Due to the severity of asbestos contamination, JEDA will help remove any asbestos using the strictest safety guidelines. It is a necessity to have your asbestos removed properly in order to ensure there is no dangerous minerals dispersed in the air. Breathing in these particles can be highly dangerous to your body. Our certified asbestos contractors will come in and remove asbestos from project site.

Many companies will state they remove mold but that may not always be the case. Mold remediation is where JEDA will come into your business and get the mold levels back to the normal and natural levels. Our mold remediation will follow the proper steps designed to ensure that mold is contained, air filters are put into place, and the contaminants are cleaned and disposed of correctly.

At JEDA, we work carefully to reduce environmental contamination to a level that is no longer considered dangerous and hazardous to your health. We will come in to your business and clean and disinfect that areas that cause concern. Our number one priority is to make your business safe. We work on cleaning and disinfecting the air, the belongings, and the other parts of the environment that may be unfit for daily use.

Exposed lead can be extremely dangerous and needs to be eliminated quickly and carefully. Any structures built prior to 1978 contain lead paint. The paint can be covered and sometimes hidden. It is important that when planning a project that may disturb the paint, proper steps are taken. JEDA are trained and certified to help eliminate any hazardous paint that may cause future problems.

When starting a project, JEDA looks very carefully at steps needed to ensure a safe work environment. JEDA follows very strict safety guidelines outlined by local and state regulations. Not only does JEDA meet the safety requirements, but also the environmental standards that surrounds the project.

JEDA is able to complete both small scale and large scale demolition. Completing interior demolition is a great option for businesses who are interested in small remodels, interior additions, and a business facelift.

Total demolition is done for a variety of reasons. Is your business in such need of repair, it is more cost effective to start over? Does the land you want to build on already have a structure there that does not match your vision? JEDA understands that total demolition is more of a financial burden and will help create cost effective option that will help counter balance those expenses. Total demolition is done for long-term benefit and to help your business last years in its industry.

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JEDA Environmental Services is part of the Burke Corporation. A fully bonded company.