Professional Site Work

JEDA is trained and specialized in all aspects of site development. While working on a site we ensure that are clients see the importance of safety, quality, and productivity in our work. We work with your deadlines and our customer’s project needs very closely to give our clients the best work in the most cost efficient manner. JEDA’s quality of work is seen in every job they finish. Both customers and employees take pride in the finished product and the attention to detail that is clearly seen throughout the production phase.

Active Projects
Although we have several small scale completed projects, we still have active large scale projects we are working on. Many of our projects are still in production and require precise performance in order to protect the structural integrity of surrounding assets and require strict parameters due to high voltage power. In order to ensure safety to our employees and clients, JEDA works diligently and throughout the make sure the safety regulations are being followed and the quality of work is meeting our customer’s high standards. We utilize only highly skilled professionals and maintained equipment to provide the highest quality of service for each and every project. Please call and ask us about some of our projects to see if we can help you.

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We are focused on providing cost effective & professional environmental solutions & services.

JEDA Environmental
JEDA Environmental Services is part of the Burke Corporation. A fully bonded company.